Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Look how big the eyas are now. June 22, 2013

Seeing daily changes in the eyas appearance and behaviour.

Female on Nest to feed the eyas

The only time you see the Female on the nest now is when it is feeding time.

Mom hanging out low watching the eyas

Sun shine and some nice shots of eyas

Nice day and the eyas were hanging out on the nest top.

Female Cooper Hawk flies in to nest in the rain June 18, 2013

While Jen and I were admiring the eyas the female came in and landed above us. She was soaking wet. The nest is really starting to get crowded so I was not surprised to see her on a branch nearby the nest. From this point on I only saw her on the nest to feed the young.

June 18, 2013 Cooper Hawk eyas in the rain.

Went with my friend Jen today to see if the hawks were out. It had been pooring rain all day. Thinking they would not be out we were surprised to see them sitting on the top of the nest.

Cooper Hawk Eyas - three of them June 13, 2013

Three eyas in the nest. The female and three babies up high resting in the sunshine. Thank goodness I had permission to go on Ed's driveway otherwise I would never have seen them. Leaves cover almost every access point of the nest expect one spot. Here are some shots of them on June 13, 2013